Athina Ginis

Real Estate Salesperson

I like to think of a house as a blank page full of possibility. The unadorned structure inspires creativity, becoming a home in the making. The best homes showcase a life curated. On the once blank page an ever-evolving story is written until the home itself tells of the lives lived within it. 


For me, this quality is tangible when I enter a home. It’s hard to articulate, but I sense it. I see it, and I feel it. I think most people do to an extent, but some of us do more deeply, perhaps, because we thrive on it. This sentiment drives me in my work and invigorates my relationship with every client. I want my clients, whether they are buying or selling a home, to share this sense of new beginning, of possibility, of inspiration.


My aim always is to help people connect to a place and envision the ways in which they can make it their own. I love to have a hand in helping people write their story.


I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Temple University in Philadelphia and currently reside in Glen Mills, PA with my sweet and energetic daughter Zoe and our dog Roxy.

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